Cheesecakes & Ohio Farmers: a Delicious Combination

Any great cheesecake starts with the best fresh ingredients, including eggs and cream cheese. In Ohio, these nutritious eggs and dairy foods come from farmers here in our state, who make providing you with safe, affordable, local food their highest priority.

Ohio's Egg Farmers

dairy-farmersOhio is the number-two egg producing state in the country. Our egg farmers produce more than 9 billion eggs each year, with a total retail value of more than $1.2 billion. Caring for our hens, caring for our environment and caring for our community matter to Ohio egg farmers — that’s why our family farms take excellent care of our flocks and use the most advanced technologies to manage our environmental programs.

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Ohio's Dairy Farmers

Ohio has 2,500 dairy farms that are home to more than 270,000 dairy cows. Those cows produce more than 630 million gallons of milk each year, which ranks Ohio 11th in the nation for milk production. Dairy farmers make an around-the-clock commitment to caring for their cows — it's the right thing to do and it ensures the cows continue to produce the highest quality milk and dairy foods. Because Ohio dairy families live and work on their farms, they also make an equal commitment to protecting the land and water on and around their farms.

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